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Mishka IslandCod 2333

Mishka Island is the last island that is included in the county Ruse, but the first in the string of islands on the river which, along with extensive marshes along the Danube, form a protected place Kalimok-Brashlen. With swamps, its reeds, forests flooded meadows and dunes, the protected zone is an ideal place for people […]

Monument of Stefan Karadzha, RuseCod 2332

The monument of Stefan Karadzha is a sculptural figure, cast in bronze, sitting down on a square granite pedestal, around which were carved reliefs of scenes from the glorious struggles of the Bulgarian people against the oppressors. It was built in 1976, 100 years after the death of St. Karadzha. The author of the architectonic […]

The monument of Ivan Vedar, city of RuseCod 2331

Untill the Zahari Stoyanov grave in the Pantheon of National Revival there is the monument of Ivan Vedar – the man who prevented the massacre of Russian citizens during the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878. Urban myths tell that after the Russian bombing of the city, where only Turkish neighborhoods had suffered and military equipment youth […]

MOL Ruse, RuseCod 2330

Rousse Mall is the largest shopping center in Ruse county. It has a 40 000 m square rent commercial area, arranged on three levels. Mall Rousse offers a mix of tenants, oriented mainly towards fashion, with a rich diversity of trends, prices and brands. The shopping center is the region’s first and only multiplex cinema […]

Lyulyaka IslandCod 2329

Lyulyaka island lies between Dolapite district of Ruse, between km 504.4 and 501.5. Planted mainly with willow and poplar, the island is accessible to fishermen and campers, for camping is convenient low waters of the River Danube. In late summer it is possible that a water link between the island and the shore to dry […]

Liberation War Museum, Byala townCod 2328

The exhibition covers the events related to the Russo-Turkish War of 1877 – 1878 year. The building, which houses the museum, was built in the nineteenth century. At the end of the Ottoman rule in it lived Mehmet Bey, Byala town administrator. During Ottoman rule, from July 20 to August 13, 1877, it was hosted […]

Levent TabiaCod 2327

Levent is a hill situated south of the city of Ruse. It is known also as Sarabair. It has a height of 159 m. This is the highest TV tower in the Balkans – 210 m antenna. There is only preserved fort, “Levent Tabia”. It is a stone fortification (fort fortress) of Russian Ottoman fortress […]

Kyontu Kapu, RuseCod 2326

Under the terms of the Peace Treaty of Berlin in 1878, all fortresses of the Principality of Bulgaria were destroyed. From the Rouschouk fortress was left only the Kyuntu Kapu gate pinned in iron. Specialists believe thats the way Bulgarian medieval gates looked like. Kapu Kyontu fortified gate – literally ( “Gate of the pipe”) […]

Yantra River – downstream village BelyanovoCod 2325

Yantra River downstream – from Kolyo Ficheto’s Bridge at the mouth of Byala up near the village of Krivina, there is a favorite place for both tourism lowering kayaks and cycling. The river passes through a series of scenic landscapes along the villages of Dolna Studena, Tsenovo, Beltsov, Belyanovo, Dzhulyunitsa, Novgrad, Kriva and others on […]

Stone churches from IvanovoCod 2324

Stone monastery “St. Archangel Michael “is located 22 km from the town of Ruse, near the village of Ivanovo, on the borders of Natural Park” Rusenski Lom”. The road to the complex leads to a paved road with nameplates and, at the foot of the cliffs, there is parking for cars. A system of steps […]