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Pantheon of National RevivalCod 2353

Pantheon of National Revival is a national patron – an ossuary 453 supporters of the Bulgarian national revival. Many of them gave their lives in the city of Ruse, others left their bones here, embedded in the foundations of New Bulgarians. Old cemetery in Russian, converted Renaissance Park, was the natural place for the construction […]

Orlova Chuka Cave, Dve MogiliCod 2352

Orlova Chuka cave is about 40 km from Ruse, near the village Pepelina. The cave was discovered in 1941 by a shepherd who was tending sheep in the area. In 1959 in Orlova Chuka were built 124 stone steps and a tunnel was dug articicial that sereşte as input. Cavers began to investigate the cave […]

Network of cycle paths, RuseCod 2351

Network of 14 km of bike lanes in the city of Ruse, which is a first-class bicycle network in the city, was built in 2015. According to the plan related to bike the city, part of the general plan of construction became construction of another 30 km bike lanes. The 14 km actual link downtown […]

The protected area “Ribarnitsite” (“ponds”), VetovoCod 2350

The protected area “Ribarnitsite” ( “ponds”) Covering a total area of 511 acres and a wooded area around them, situated on the right bank in the area of Beli Lom Vetovo, Ruse county. Ponds percent privately owned and used for fishing. Wreaths are surrounded by high cliffs on the east, where the remains of a […]

Natural monument, Dekili TashCod 2349

Natural monument “Dikilitash” or “standing stone” is on the Maule river Danube, about 2 km north of s. Mechka, mun. Ivanovo, Ruse, in the Stalbishte. Is rocky formations of different sizes (2.5 and 12 m), probably dating back to the Mesozoic era. For they bind legends and myths of Marko Mountains, which raised a large […]

Elias Canetti’s birth house, RuseCod 2348

The house where Elias Canetti was born, which is a cultural monument, was located in the center of the city. According to researchers, the writer’s grandfather built the building early last century. Its last owner, Lyubomir Filipov Rusenets, reports that his family has owned the house for more than 50 years. Then, his grandfather bought […]

The “Zahari Stoyanov” Museum, RuseCod 2347

The exhibition “Family Obretenov” house museum “Zahari Stoyanov” was opened by the interest of Russian residents and visitors to this city known renascentisă family. In 1958, in Ruse, in the house of Nikola Obretenov son of Baba Tonka, it was developed and opened the museum “Baba Tonka”, where the visitor is familiar with the economic […]

Urban Life Museum, RuseCod 2346

The house that houses the exhibition Urban Life Museum was built in the 60s of the nineteenth century. It was hosted Consulate in Prussia. After the Liberation of Bulgaria (1878), the house became the property of the wealthy merchant in the city of Ruse, Stefan Kamburov – prominent citizen, participant of the reception committee of […]

National Museum of Transport, RuseCod 2345

National Museum of Transport is located in Rousse, on the Danube River, and is one of its kind in the country. It is located in the building of the first stations in the country, built in 1866, according to the project Barkley brother. The exhibition is arranged in two parts in the station building and […]

The „Baba Tonka“ Museum, RuseCod 2344

The museum “Baba Tonka” is a key to understanding the exhibition and presentation of the Bulgarian Revival and Ruse role in national maturation processes. Making aestuia contributed by family and Baba Tonka Oberetenov the tasks Renaissance – an independent church movement, education and revolutionary struggle. In this initial version was opened on the initiative of […]