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Basarabeană stone monastery “St. Dimitrie “is situated Rusenski Lom river valley near the village Basarabovo, 10 km from the town of Ruse. Stone monastery goes back since the beginning of the Second Bulgarian Empire, but for the first time its name was mentioned in an Ottoman fiscal register in 1431. For some time, in the […]

The Armenian church, Ruse cityCod 2372

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the number of Armenians in the city of Ruse has increased significantly, due to the fact that the local residents have joined many refugees exiled from the land of former Armenians west by fresh government Turkish, who committed first century genocide – genocide of the Armenian people. Community […]

Austrian Library, RuseCod 2371

Austrian Library “Elias Canetti” Ruse opened at 20.05.2005, due to the celebration of 100 years Nobel laureate born in Ruse, Elias Canetti. The library was established in the agreement between the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Austria, represented by the Ambassador of Austria in Sofia, Ruse County Administration, Municipality of Ruse, Ruse University “Angel […]

Yatrus ancient settlementCod 2370

Yatrus or Yatar – the ancient name of the river Yantra. Yatrus is a deity of Thracian mythology, we do not know much, except that it has held several subordinate elements. One theory newer Yantra is a word of Eastern origin: mystical figure who personifies the complex movements of nature. Roman and early Byzantine city […]

Fleet Tower, RuseCod 2369

Tower Fleet Ruse is the first fleet observation tower and meteorological station in Bulgaria. The first meteorological observations in Ruse began on 1 January 1866 at the initiative of the Austro-Hungarian consul, martyr. It was established in 1879 and the Danube Flotilla, a few years later, Lieutenant Commander Captain Zinovia Rozhdestvenski Petrovich has taken actions […]

Danube riverCod 2368

The Danube River is the second longest river in Europe. It and its tributaries are one of the most important river systems in Europe. Danube basin has an important role in the political, socio-economic and cultural development of Central and Eastern Europe. Basin has an area of 817 000 km² and includes км 19 countries […]

The Ruse OperaCod 2367

Russian Opera was founded in 1949. The first production – “Traviata” by Verdi, it was presented at November 27, 1949. Since the XIX century, the Russian began to form temporary operas, choirs and symphonic bands, the result of contact with European culture that reached the Russian music through Danube. Playing shows and excerpts from various […]

Rope bridge, Belyanovo villageCod 2366

Rope bridge over the river Yantra Belyanovo the Village was built in 1968. It is located west of the village. It has a lungume 105 meters and was the longest bridge in Bulgaria until 2001, when it was built in the village Lisitsite bridge, linking two sides of the lake. Studen Kladenets, near the town […]

The Cave Monastery from NisovoCod 2365

Sea cave monastery from Nisovo, “Saints Constantine and Helena” dates from century; XI. It is about 5 km south of the village Nisovo, upstream on the river Mali Lom maluldrept, the Natural Park “Rusenski Lom”. It is considered that this is the greatest of all monasteries in stone of the Lom River Valley. The road […]

The Stone monastery GramovetsCod 2364

Gramovets cave monastery complex is located a few kilometers north, in the direction Koshov village on the left bank of Cherni Lom. Stone is more artificial caves. From the rock starts a ecotraseu and at the foot of the monastery was built a gazebo in the direction Rusenski Lom Nature Park.